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In a connected, always-on digital world, telecommunications are transforming how people engage.

Enterprises at the various phases of communication journey face unique challenges — scale and diversity of endpoint connections, range and context of communication expressions, and precision and efficiency of operational intelligence.

Our experts have been implementing new breakthroughs in the fields of telecom, IoT, mobility and data sciences. With our holistic approach and cross-domain expertise, we develop solutions to make communication frictionless.

Why Conexio Exists


At every technological shift, people and institutions need good insight and execution to adopt necessary changes.

Businesses of all types — telcos, enterprises, SMBs — and their customers, and end-users frequently struggle with new communication technology transition, and many times fail to derive the desired value from the change.

We saw a need for a different kind of technology evolution approach… something that accounts for the interconnected dynamics of all the entities, and we knew it would take a different kind of company to execute it. That’s why we created Conexio.

What We Do

We make products that help people to stay in touch with each other

We’re focused on enabling naturally flowing conversations where technology becomes an afterthought, and people engage with other folks, machines and services without requiring new learning or adjusting behavior. To build this, we have developed a full-stack solution with building blocks that also integrate and fit with existing tools and systems to connect communication threads…

We help business to communicate better

We are engineers, not advisors. We design interconnected systems, compatible with always changing enterprise communication and collaboration landscape. With our hands-on approach, we dig deeper to understand our customer’s journey and pain points. We produce operational efficiency for our customers with tailor-made solutions optimizing their workflows. Whether it requires deploying our products, integrating or customizing with existing systems, or developing a new solution, we are always committed to make our customers more productive.

We make it easy for telcos to improve their services

We understand telecom systems, their interdependencies, constraints and the potential of all-IP networks. Our team brings practical expertise in telecom infrastructure, mobility, big data processing, and user experience design. Our engineers go to the field to work directly with our customers. By establishing true partnership, we help operators transform their network and operations, and differentiate their service offering.

Our Solutions

We enable organizations across industry sectors to quickly deal with the hardest communication problems they face.

We come from the communication domain. We understand how communication is critical to any business or industry. So, you know you’re getting experts to help you solve your communication need - everything from lower-level transports to higher-level collaboration tools implementation. We have implemented a broad range of communication solution for different industries. We share our best ideas and methodologies across our industry teams to bring unique insights to every program.

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We provide research, development and training support for RAN, core network, device management, OSS and billing systems. We support the mobile operators with the solution designing, RFP processes and the system integration. We help telco vendors with design, prototype and engineering support in developing telecom platforms, tools and solutions.

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We bring in strategic insights, telematics services and communication solutions to some of the biggest automotive OEMs in the world. We design and develop end-to-end solutions covering vehicle’s communication modules, mobile carrier networks and call routing infrastructure across the automotive call centers. We guide automakers to develop innovative telematics services and solutions.

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We help companies in various verticals streamline their operations, and serve their customers efficiently by developing specialized communication and collaboration tools. We implement industry solutions for contact centers, PBX, CRM and enterprise apps. Our expertise in IoT, mobile, web apps, and SI uniquely enables us to help enterprises maximize value from their communication solutions.


Looking for a better way to manage your communication services?
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